How to setup Internet Radio Broadcast

(1) Sign up with some Media Broadcasting Server company.
Below is list of companies I know:


    Typical Streaming Cost
    0.6 dollars per subscriber per month @ 32kb/s
    1.15 dollars per subscriber per month @ 64kb/s

(2) Setup Broadcasting Station PC
(a) Install the following software

  • WinAmp
  • SHOUTcast DSP plugin for WinAmp

(b) From within WinAmp Options->Preferences->Plug-ins->DSP/Effect->NullSoft ShoutCast->Confiure Plug-in->Output->Output Configuration *** Enter address (of media server setup in step 1), port, password and hit “Connect”

(3) Open a Web Browser and test. Happy IP Broadcasting!

(4) Misc. Notes

Another solution is to use Free P2P Streaming (Server and Client ActiveX). You may try the following site

Instead of using web browser you may use a dedicated Audio Receivers. Please visit the below site.

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