Creativity and Fun: Videos

Video presentation of the popular audio Bismillah

This video is based on a popular religious audio Bismillah (In the name of God) by Yousuf Islam. The theme of this video is that we should do every thing in our life in the name of God, The Creator. In this video you will see a little girl Areeba Ahmad doing various things. Many thanks to my friend, Rehan Ahmad for his idea and encouragment.

Dil Dil Pakistan Video Filmed as 2 years kid driving a car

This movie segment is part of a complete song Dil Dil Pakistan I filmed on my daughter Areeba Muneeb Ahmad. She played various roles like driving a car, riding a car etc. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Iqra Elementary School

Iqra Elementary Islamic School provides education of high standard to children of preschool/pre-kindergarten, and elementary ages. Iqra specializes in age appropriate learning. The main focus is to instill Islamic awareness and strengthen Islamic identity while providing sound grounding in general education. Produced by Muneeb Ahmad and Rehan Ahmad.

Three Old Friends in Houston Texas

I really like this song and the video because my two very close friends Athar and Raffi are performing in it. This video was filmed in December 2006 when Raffi and I visited Houston to see our friend Athar.