Muneeb: Profession

Profession Summary

Senior-level software engineer and technical lead with 11+ years of experience.

Broad experience in architecting, designing, prototyping, coding, testing and deploying server-side n-tier Java/J2EE and .NET enterprise applications.

Proficient in requirements analysis, business modeling, use case analysis, OOAD and UML.

Hands-on experience with data modeling, O/R Mapping, Relation Databases, JDBC, IBM DB2 and SQL Server

Experienced in open source tools and frameworks, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Eclipse.

Experienced in test first / test driven development and other agile methodologies including continuous integration and automated builds.

Knowledgeable of architectural, design and coding patterns and their application in building enterprise applications and frameworks.

Highly experienced in design and coding all layers of enterprise applications including UI, Business and Data Access layers.

Experience in configuring J2EE Applications Servers Websphere, Tomcat, and IIS

A proactive and effective mentor, founded a number of division-level study groups. A strong believer and supporter of knowledge sharing and peer mentoring.

Demonstrated ability to establish priorities, work independently as well collaboratively and able to adapt quickly to changing needs and emerging technologies.

Worked with various web technologies and protocols including HTTP, FTP, SOAP, Web Services, LDAP and CIFS and JMS.

Employment Experience

Countrywide Financial    Texas, USA   9/2000 -present

Senior Software Systems Engineer

Countrywide is a Fortune 500 company and is the number one ranked lender and servicer in the USA. This company has an IT division to fulfill its servicing software development needs. Since I joined countrywide in 2000 I have been involved in developing enterprise distributed applications using Java/J2EE and .NET/C# technologies.

Responsibilities and accomplishments:

Technical Lead, responsible for making key design decisions, documenting them and communicating to the development team. Examples include UI design, Database model, Application Security Framework, External Interfaces,

As a developer I am responsible for development of new projects in Java and C# and maintaining the existing applications in various platforms and languages.

Participated as an Architect in identifying the needs of FrontController, Business/Service layer, Persistence Framework, Logging Framework, Message Handing, Unit Testing and Workflow Integration in Websphere based applications.

Participated in software requirement and analysis. Actively involved in Use-Case analysis, Business/ Modeling, Data Modeling (ERDs) and Analysis Sequence Diagrams in various projects.

Contributed in developing generic Persistence Framework, Logging Framework, and reusable screen components.

Actively involved in low-level design (Class Diagram, Sequence Diagrams) and coding of the software components, classes, interfaces, SQL Store Procedures, controller classes, utility classes.

Installed and setup development tools, middle-tier servers and code repositories including VisualAge for Java (VAJ), Webshpere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), Websphere Application Server, Dreamweaver. Also coordinated application deployment to various staging and productions servers (nodes).

Founded/Organized a number of study groups, while working on project, including Design Patterns Study Group, UML Study Group and .NET/C# Study Group.

Performed requirement analyses and documented using Wiki and Use Cases.

Architectured and designed various modules.

Worked on screen prototyping and graphics design.

Participated in construction work (coding) on all layers of the application including UI, Business and Data Access layers involving Java, Spring, Hibernate, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, SOAP, MQ and LDAP.

Wrote from ground up Application Health Monitor and Query Executor for the application.

Designed and Implemented application security using Acegi Framework, Active Directory and Entitlements components.

Provided Unit Test coverage for almost all of the code developed by me.

Helped QA team to write test cases.

Deployed the application to various environments including QA, Staging and Production.

Provided Production Support for the application.

Environment and tools:

Java, J2EE, Apache Tomcat, Spring Framework, Hibernate O/R Framework, Eclipse, Maven 2, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#,  DB2/AS400, IBM Websphere Application Server, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop 7, Windows 2000, AS400 (V5R1).

Global Technical Resources          California, USA 11/1999 to 9/2000

Contractor/Software Engineer (Countrywide Home Loans)

Participated in the development of web-based applications for filing Conveyance and Expense Claims for FHA loans of Countrywide. The application was initially coded in NetDynamics and then migrated to Servlets and JSPs running on IBM WebSphere Application Server. The backend data server was DB2/AS400.

Responsibilities and accomplishments:

As a System Integrator I helped team in resolving coding issues, code integration, integrated testing, and deployment.

Provided infrastructure support including evaluation and recommendation of tools, libraries, servers and methodologies used in software development.

I was the infrastructure support person doing evaluation and recommendation of tools, libraries, servers and methodologies used in software development.

Actively participated in migration from NetDynamics to IBM VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Application Server. I setup team repository and its auto backup system. I also helped in fine-tuning and stabilization of WebSphere.

Initiated regular code reviews, introduced programming methodologies, formulated coding guidelines for and best practices for developers and helped resolving configuration issues.

Participated in the coding of Workflow Interface modules, utility screens, backend auto tasks, FHA Expense Claim module and SQL Stored Procedures using Java, HTML, JavaScript, SQL.

Environment and tools:

NetDynamics, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, DB2/AS400, Windows NT, AS400 (V4R1).

Ffoto Group, Adsura, Tribune and UWS Sydney, Australia  2/1998 to 3/1999

Contractor/Part-time Programmer

The Ffoto Group, Sydney Australia: Worked as part of a team of five on a time frame critical web site project for Coca-Cola.  The requirements of this project were to quickly, precisely, and consistently, convert written documents into web (HTML) form.

Adsura, Sydney, Australia: Worked to develop a shopping basket (Java/JavaScript-based) which gave the final cost in any currency available in database

Tribune International, Sydney, Australia: Developed a frame-based and JavaScript supported web site for this news paper company.

University of Western Sydney (UWS), Nepean, Australia. Taught courses on Software Principals, Object Oriented Programming (C++) and Engineering Software Tools to the B.E. and M.S. Computer/Electrical Engineering students.

College of Computer Science     Islamabad, Pakistan 8/1997 to 1/1998


Worked as Lecturer (visiting) and Programmer (casual). Taught courses on Visual C++ and Object Oriented Programming and developed TCP/IP and Database utilities in C/C++ (using Visual C++) for them.

Computer and Control Systems, PIEAS           Islamabad, Pakistan  5/1992 to 1/1997

Head, Modeling and Simulation Division

Worked as Head of Modeling and Simulations Division, a position involving teaching and research in the areas of computer and systems/communications engineering and developing software for engineering systems. Worked on modeling, simulation, control, design integration, computational analysis and coding of applications in the areas of Engineering, Communication and Robotics under VAX/VMS, Windows and DOS environment.

Achievements as independent software developer

1999 - Mobile Robot Simulator

This software simulates the wheeled mobile robots and provides an excellent learning and testing environment. The basic design of the software package includes mathematical modeling, controller implementation, GUI and animation. The programming language used in the development of MobRoS is Visual C++ /MFC in Widows 95/NT environment.

1997 - System Identification and Control

This software identifies a system from its input/output measurements. A large choice of identification methods is available to identify a suitable model for a variety of industrial processes. The source code is more than 9000 lines.

1994 - Robot Arm Simulator and Manipulator

This involved kinematics modeling, trajectory optimization, system design and development. In this software Context Sensitive Help, Demo and tutorial is available. A Graphic User Interface (GUI), very similar to Windows GUI, is designed and used. The source code is about 7000 lines.


Taught following courses to M.S. Systems Engineering, M.S. Computer Engineering and B.E. Electrical/Computer Engineering students:

Software Principles Object-Oriented Programming Software Tools in Engineering
Computing Fundamentals Numerical Methods in Engineering Computer, Electronics and Control
Scientific Computing Special Topics in Systems Engineering Network Analysis
System Identification Robotics C/C++


  • SIDCON: System Identification and Control’, Int. Conf. on Computing and IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1998.
  • RASM: Robot Arm Simulator and Manipulator’, Conference paper, 1994.
  • Using Matlab for Continuous Time Control Problems’, Conference paper, 1994.
  • Experiments in Controller Implementation and Tuning by Microcomputer’, Conference, paper, 1994.
  • Inverted Pendulum Control using Fuzzy Logic’, Conference paper, 1994.
  • Simulation of Neutronics in Reactor Vessel’, Conference paper, 1993.
  • Study and Simulation of Integrated Master Controller of a Power Reactor’, MS Engg. Thesis, 1992.
  • Study of The 6808 Microprocessor and Its Use as a Function and Music Generator’, MS Thesis, 1989.


MS (Honors) Computer Engineering 1997-1998 University of Western Sydney, Australia

School (Dept.): Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Major: Mathematical Modeling, Digital Simulation, Graphics, Digital Control.

MS System Engineering 1990-1992 Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan

Major: Computer Science, Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence.


Performance & Scalability, 2005, Dallas, USA

Quality Management, 2005, Dallas, USA

Requirements Management, 2005, Dallas, USA

Software Architecture, 2004, Dallas, USA

Powerful Presentation Skills, 2003, Los Angeles, USA.

JTest, 2003, Los Angeles, USA.

Advanced EJB Programming, 2003, Los Angeles, USA.

Data Modeling, October 2001.

Advanced Mortgage Banking, October 2000, Los Angeles, USA.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Development and Studio, March, 2000

Symbolic Computing, April 1994, Islamabad, Pakistan.

System Analysis, May 1994, Islamabad, Pakistan.